ICMR-National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases

आई सी एम आर - राष्ट्रीय कॉलरा और आंत्र रोग संस्थान

Department of Health Research, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India
स्वास्थ्य अनुसंधान विभाग, स्वास्थ्य और परिवार कल्याण मंत्रालय, भारत सरकार
WHO Collaborating Centre For Research and Training On Diarrhoeal Diseases

NICED : Administrative

Technical and Administrative staff

Technical and Administrative staff as on 11.02.2021


Group - A
# Name of the Employee Present Designation Group
1 Mrs. Saheli Samanta Sr. Technical Officer (2) A
2 Mr. Subrata Shil Sr. Technical Officer (1) A
3 Mr. Keshab Chandra Paramanick Sr. Technical Officer (1) A
4 Mr.Tapas Pal Sr. Technical Officer (1) A
5 Mrs. Arpita Sarbajna Sr. Technical Officer (1) A
6 Mr. Chandan Mondal Sr. Technical Officer (1) A


Group - B
# Name of the Employee Present Designation Group
1 Mr. Ashoke Kr. Mondal Technical Officer -A B
2 Mr. Sudhir Omesh Technical Officer -A B
3 Mr. Suhasit Ranjan Ghosh Technical Officer -A B
4 Mr. Arindam Ganai Technical Officer B
5 Mr. Ananda Pal Technical Officer B
6 Mrs. Mausom Mallick Technical Officer B
7 Ms. Pramita Bhaumick Technical Officer B
8 Mr. Tapu Barman Technical Officer B
9 Mr. Subhadeep De Technical Officer B
10 Mr. Avijit Chakraborty Technical Officer B
11 Mrs. Papiya De Technical Officer B
12 Mr. Kandan Chandra Tudu Technical Assistant B
13 Ms. Moumita Das Technical Assistant B
14 Mr. Atanu Mitra Sr. Technician (3) B
15 Mr. Haro Prosad Das Sr. Technician (3) B
16 Mr. Dilip Kr. Chowdhury Sr. Technician (3) B
17 Mr. Ranjit Bhakta Sr. Technician (3) B
18 Mr. Asish Kr. Dutta Sr. Technician (2) B
19 Mr. Kanu Dey Sr. Technician (1) B
20 Md. Musharaf Hossain  Sr. Technician (1) B
Group - C
# Name of the Employee Present Designation Group
1 Mr. Swapan Kr. Shaw Technician-B C
2 Mr. Biplab Roy Technician (2) C
3 Mr. Basudev Ganguly Technician (2) C
4 Mr. Subir Ghosh Technician (2) C
5 Mr. Dinanath Dey Technician (2) C
6 Mr. Supriya Basu Health Assistant C
7 Mr. Pradip Samanta Laboratory Assistant C
8 Mr. Krishna Gopal Saha Laboratory Assistant C
9 Mr. Bhaskar Roy Laboratory Assistant C
10 Mr. Bilu Mandi Laboratory Assistant C
11 Mr. Binod Mashi Laboratory Assistant C
12 Mr. Jhantu Malakar Laboratory Assistant C
13 Mr. Kanchan Ghosal Laboratory Assistant C
14 Mr. Khokan Kr. Roy Laboratory Assistant C
15 Mr. Narayan Chandra Mondal Laboratory Assistant C
16 Mr. Nitya Gopal Sutradhar Laboratory Assistant C
17 Mr. Rabi Hazra Laboratory Assistant C
18 Mr. Rajesh Hela Laboratory Assistant C
19 Mr. Sibraj Balmiki Laboratory Assistant C
20 Mr. Subal Turi Laboratory Assistant C
21 Mr. Sujit Adhikary Laboratory Assistant C
22 Mr. Suresh Kr. Routh Laboratory Assistant C
23 Ms. Chaitali Das Laboratory Assistant C
24 Mr. Bimal Mitra Laboratory Assistant C
25 Mr. Rabi Hela Laboratory Assistant C
26 Mrs. Minoti Bhattacharya Laboratory Attendant - 2 C
27 Mr. Satyajit Mondal Laboratory Attendant - 2 C
28 Mr. Bivash Ranjan Mallick Laboratory Attendant - 2 C



Group - A
# Name of the Employee Present Designation Group
1 Mr. Pinaki Chatterjee Accounts Officer A
Group - B
# Name of the Employee Present Designation Group
1 Mr. Sunil Bernard Administrative Officer (Additional Charge) & Private Secretary B
2 Mr. Arjun Kumar Section Officer B
3 Mr. Vishwanath Besra Section Officer B
4 Mr. Dipak Kr. Gayen Section Officer B
5 Mr. Chinmoy Kr. Naskar Assistant B
6 Mr. Arup Chandra Assistant B
7 Mr. Prosenjit Guha Assistant B
8 Mr. Somnath Mullick Assistant B
9 Mr. Kishore Kumar Sharma Assistant B
10 Mr. Santanu Sen Personal Assistant B
Group - C
# Name of the Employee Present Designation Group
1 Mrs. Renu Jaiswal U.D.C. C
2 Mr. Abhishek Banerjee Telephone Operator C
3 Mr. Mriganka Sekhar Das L.D.C. C
4 Kh. Ibomcha Singh M.T.S. (General) C
5 Mr. Sankar Maiti M.T.S. (General) C
6 Mr. Amit Pramanick M.T.S. (General) C
7 Mr. Apu Seal M.T.S. (General) C
8 Mr. Subrata Dey M.T.S. (General) C



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