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NICED moved from the rented premises at No. 3 Kyd Street to its own establishment at P-33, C.I.T. Road, Scheme XM, Beliaghata, Kolkata 700010, adjacent to the Infectious Diseases Hospital. The unique feature of this Institute is that it conducts basic research and applied clinical and epidemiological research on diarrhoeal diseases under the same roof. This Institute has its basic science set up with well equipped, modern technological facilities in different disciplines such as bacteriology, virology, parasitology, biochemistry, pathophysiology, molecular biology, electron microscopy, immunology and biochemistry.  Read more...

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  • Posted : 10 Aug 2017

    14th ASCODD conference will be held during 30th October 2017 - 1st November 2017 at Kochi. Scientists and students interested to participate in the conference please check the link given here under 

  • NICED Microbiology and Serology laboratory received accreditation in the field of MEDICAL TESTING under 'National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL)' ; ISO 15189:2012; Medical laboratories-Requirements for quality and competence.
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Director's Desk

In 1962, about 54 years ago, "Cholera Research Centre" was established in Calcutta (Kolkata) by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) to conduct research on prevention and control of cholera and other diarrheal diseases.In 1968, the Centre was given the status of "International Reference Centre for Vibrio Phage Typing" by the WHO following the outstanding studies on cholera phages in Kolkata and later on, in 1978, it was designated as the "WHO Collaborative Centre for Reference and Research on Vibrios". Subsequently, ICMR converted this Centre into a full-fledged research organization with the status of a "National Institute" and renamed it as "National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases" (NICED) in 1979. The WHO recognized this Institute as "WHO Collaborative Centre for Research and Training on Diarrhoeal Diseases" in 1980.

History of journey of NICED over last five decades was eventful. We developed good infrastructure, faculty strength and academic ambience to conduct good quality biomedical research which resulted in strengthening health system related programs like Diarrhoea Disease Control Program. More

Foundation Day Celebration

Invitation for Foundation Day Celebration on February 20, 2017
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Date: 01.12.2017
The following post (Laboratory Assistant) is to be filled up on purely temporary basis under the project entitled "Assessing drug resistance in Enterobactericase causing neonatal sepsis in North-East India: resistance mechanisms and transmission" under Dr. Sulagna Basu, Scientist 'E' of this Institute   View Details...

Date: 05.12.2017
The following post (Junior Research Fellow) is to be filled up on purely temporary basis under the project entitled "Deciphering the Mechanisms of Invasion by Salmonella Invasins" under Dr. Santasabuj Das, Scientist 'E' of this Institute:- View Details...

Date: 16.11.2017
The following posts are to be filled up on purely temporary basis under the project entitled "Eitology of Childhood Pneumonia in India : AN ICMR Task Force Study" under Dr. Alok Kumar Deb, Scientist 'E' on this institute.   View Details...

Date: 06.11.2017
The ICMR-National Institute of Cholera & Enteric Diseases, Kolkata invites application from the retired employees for selecting suitable candidates for appointment as Consultant (Accounts) purely on contractual basis.  View Details...

Dated : 10.11.2017
D-2/ Equipment 2017-18 (3)

Dated : 10.11.2017
D-2/Equipment 2017-18 (32)

Dated : 06.11.2017
General Terms & Conditions Point 21
No. Clinical Lab Fund Project/Equipment/2017-18 View Details 

Dated : 31.10.2017
Extended of Last date submission of Bid
No. D-2/Equipment 2017-18 (Part III) View Details 

Dated : 24.10.2017
Tender Documents For Supply of "ELISA Washer" & "ELISA Reader"
Sealed two bid systems (Separate Technical & Price bids) tenders are invited from eligible vendors working with Govt. of India/Govt. of West Bengal/Autonomous bodies of Govt. of India.
Clinical Lab Fund Project/Equipment/2017-18 View Details... 

Dated : 24.10.2017
Corrected names of Instruments mentioned in Page 2 in accordance with tender specifications of Part I
No. D-2/Equipment 2017-18(Part I) View Details 

Dated : 18.10.2017
Pre-Bid discussion of Ultracentrifuge
View Details 

Dated : 11.10.2017
Sealed Tender/Quotation is invited for the following Instruments for use in ICMR-NICED, Kolkata.
View No. D-2/Equipment 2017-18 (Part I) 
View No. D-2/Equipment 2017-18 (Part II) 
View No. D-2/Equipment 2017-18 (Part III) 
View No. D-2/Equipment 2017-18 (Part IV)

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Evaluation of quality and performance of HIV, HBV & HCV diagnostic kits. More

Outbreak Investigations

Assessment of the Post-Flood Public Health Situation in Baramulla District, Kashmir during October, 2014 by NICED Scientists. More

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Other Services to Government Agencies and Academic Institutions, on request. More

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The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), New Delhi, the apex body in India for the formulation, coordination and promotion of biomedical research, is one of the oldest medical research bodies in the world.
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The Gastrointestinal Tract Pathogens Repository (GTPR) is the national facility at "National institution of Cholera and Enteric Diseases" (NICED) division of Microbiology sponsored by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), New Delhi for the maintenance, and supply of enteric pathogens.
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The Biomedical Informatics Centre (BIC) of National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases, Kolkata was established in July, 2006. This is the one of the 20 centres created by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Govt. of India with a mission to ensure balanced and integrated development of information dissemination, application development and R&D in biomedical informatics.
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